Sigh. Final change?

So lets recap…. Texas A&M and Mizzou will become part of the SEC in 2012.


West Virginia and TCU will join the Big 12 in 2012.

And Arkansas over S. Carolina.

Big 12: Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor, Oklahoma State.

SEC: Bama, Ole Miss, MTSU, Florida, UT-Martin, and Georgia.

Man. I typed up my picks and they were deleted. Here’s what im saying for this week.

Will someone please tell Tech that they have a game today and get those HS JV players off the field?

happy football day y’all :)

Games for this week in the SEC and Big Twelve are:

Baylor at Oklahoma State -  This SHOULD be a good game if Baylor comes out scoring. Baylor comes in with RG3 and OSU’s defense tries to prove it’s legitimacy. OSU has the home field advantage and Baylor isn’t back up after a disappointing loss to A&M. The Cowboys get the W.

Oklahoma at Kansas State - This is the Big Twelve game to watch. OU has to face an undefeated KSU team that is desperate to make a name for themselves. OU is seeking vengeance after a stunning loss against Texas Tech. KSU won’t be able to keep up in OU’s fast paced offence, OU wins. 

Kansas at Texas - Easy win for Texas

Iowa State at Texas Tech - Tech is on the war path, with tougher games coming up this will be an easy win. Unless they have the big win hangover (which I don’t think they do)

Mizzou at Texas A&M - I’m going with A&M. Mizzou has a new QB and is playing in Kyle Field.

SEC Matchups:

Arkansas vs Vandy - Arkansas will roll over the Commodores.

Georgia vs Florida - I’m picking UGA. UF has had a mediocre and lackluster season.

Ole Miss vs Auburn - This game might be closer than people think, but Auburn will get the win.

South Carolina vs Tennessee - UT might be able to keep up for a while, but SCar will get the win anyway.

Miss. State vs Kentucky - Does anyone really care? I’ll go with Mississippi State.

Breaking News

WV was formally invited to the Big Twelve.

WV Accepted.

Am I the only one that’s confused how this will work geographically?

Still waiting on Mizzou to run off to the SEC.

The Snap: OU vs Texas Tech

Man, I stayed up ALL night to watch this game. It was WELL worth it.  

After a weather delay, OU came out unsettled and while the final stat comparison shows equal effort, the halftime stat’s showed that Tech clearly had an advantage over their competition. Tech dominated the first half of the game leading OU 24-7 and leaving OU to play catch up (unsuccessfully I might add) to an unranked and usually defensively inconsistent Texas Tech team. 

OU’s defense was the shocker, in a bad way. Tech’s D was the shocker in a good way….. for Tech anyways. When I started watching the game, I felt as if the two teams had switched uniforms. You can blame it on injuries, but a team should still be able to function semi-normally when players are out. Tech was running through OU’s screens and huge gaps they left open. If any ONE person is to blame tho (and I hate blaming individuals) it’s the kicker. He single-handledly destroyed OU’s come-back momentum and chances. Dude, you can’t make field goals from 39 and 28… Something’s gotta give.

If I had predicted this week, I would have lost this one. No worries. I’ll be back to predictions and summaries later today (since it’s Friday already right now)


Did you hear that snap? It’s the sound of OU’s undefeated season, their 39 home game win streak and their hearts breaking. I’ll definitely have a full post dedicated to this. :)

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